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About Headliners SMP

Scalp Micropigmentation is an original yet extraordinary form of cosmetic tattooing that alleviates many forms of hair loss.

Headliners SMP is the foremost scalp micropigmentation company in Florida. Scalp Micropigmentation or “SMP” is a highly advanced, non-surgical solution for people with transplant scars, alopecia, balding, or thinning hair that offers the most natural looking results!

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Dedicated And Professional

Our Goal


Headliners SMP understands that hair loss for many has a psychological component that often affects one's perceived self image. We seek to help restore confidence in one’s self image by offering top-tier SMP services.

Transform Yourself


It is common for many to feel anxiety at the chance of such dramatic change, not only in the way they are viewed by those around them, but more precisely in the way they see and feel about themselves.  Every client at Headliners SMP begins their process of modification with a certain point of uncertainty. The transformations are not only vivid and substantial, they are literally life changing.

Check Out Our Clients Results

At Headliners SMP scalp micropigmentation is performed at its highest level with great technical ability to refine artistic aesthetics, the latter of which can not be taught. In our gallery you will find examples of our work providing SMP treatments to both men and women.

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